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Our Services

Manicure Services

Classic Manicure $23

Golden Manicure $35

This service includes nail care, cuticle trim, shaping, paraffin wax, lotion massage and finishes with your choice of nail polish.

Shellac Gel Manicure $35

Shellac Gel Manicure + Remove $37

Nails Service

Acrylic Full Set/Overlay F.S $45

Acrylic Fill $35

Acrylic w/ Gel Full Set $55

Acrylic w/ Gel Fill $45

Solar Pink & White Full Set $60

Solar Pink & White Fill $60

Full Set Ombre $60

Ombre 2 Color Fill $60

Ombre 1 Color $35

*** New !!! New !!! New !!! ***

Dipping Powder $45

Dipping Powder: a lightweight technique that helps your nails to grow out stronger and healthier by adding the combination of vitamins and calcium to your natural nails.

Dipping Pink & White $55

Dipping Powder with Tips $55

Dipping Powder + Remove $48

Polish Change

Color Nails $15

Color Toes $18

Shellac Color Nails $28

Shellac Color Toes $33

French Nails/Toes $5 Extra

Pedicure Services

Classic Pedicure $30

Trimming, shaping, grooming cuticles, exfoliating dry skin, follow with warm towel clean and polish (Color or clear)

Signature Pedicure $35

Classic pedicure plus mineral sugar scrub, intense moisturizing mask wrap with warm towel leave your feet special scent and softness.

Organic Pedicure $45

Classic pedicure plus your choice of flavored "Pedi in the box" selection. Each product is individually packed with the right amount of a single pedicure. Set includes salt soak, mud mask, and massage lotion. It gives your feet the cleanest nutrition."Ocean, Olive, Green tea, Lavender".

Volcano Pedicure $50

LA Pale Volamo Spais os organic single-use pedicure treatment that comes in an already portioned paciet for each cient Iping compute w product. The treatment includes festes that will help clients' skin fed mosai d moock out there's a with its collagenfused ingredients Step one and two role Detox Volano Crystals ond Volcano Actuator packet, which cause a bubbling coboration. Step Bree roles at a n g sugar scrub. Steps four and for include a Cremes and message lotion both of which are colleganoresel allowing you to finish the service of the long-testing moisture and at gifts

Golden Pedicure $65

In addition to all treatment in our Organic pedicure, feet are dipped into warm paraffin and lower legs are exfoliated with our signature mask. The treatment ends with extra hot stone massage which relaxes the tense muscle, relieve pain and improve circulation.

*** All kinds of pedicure with shellac color $20 Extra

(French Color Extra $5)

Additional Services

Gel Polish Remove $10

Acrylic Remove $15

Dipping Powder Removal $12

Nail Repair Only $5 +

Long Nails $5 Extra

Special Shape $5 Extra

Nail Cut Down $12

Toenails Cut Down $15

Kid Services

(4 to 8 years old)

Manicure $13

Pedicure $23

Mani & Pedi $36

Regular Nail Polish $8

Regular Toes Polish $10

Color Shellac Gel Polish - Nails $20

Color Shellac Gel Polish - Toes $23

French Tips $5 Extra

Gel Manicure $25

(9 to 12 years old)

Manicure $15

Pedicure $25

Mani & Pedi $40

Regular Nail Polish $10

Regular Toes Polish $12

Color Shellac Gel Polish - Nails $23

Color Shellac Gel Polish - Toes $25

Gel Manicure $30


Eyebrows $13

Lip $8

Chin $10

Under Arms $20

Full Legs $60

Half Legs $30

Full Arms $40

Half Arms $30